EDFA Optic Amplifier

With the feature of high input power, high output power, and medium optical gain, the booster amplifier operates at the transmission side of the link to amplify aggregated optical input power for reach extension.
SunmaFiber booster amplifier is a low-noise, gain-flattened C-band optical erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) designed to cost-effectively extend the optical link power budget for building long distance DWDM solutions.SunmaFiber also offers switches, routers and fiber converters including 10/100M, 10/100/1000M and 10G fiber converters, SFP fiber converters, manageable/unmanageable fiber converters, OEO fiber converters, POE fiber converters, fiber converter cards, and fiber converter chassis; transmitting distance from 2km(MM) to 150km(SM) with SC or LC or FC connectors.

If you want EDFA and Fiber Converters, please contact with SunmaFiber sales team Sales@SunmaFiber.com, we wants to offer the best and most user-friendly solutions.