Cable Fault Locator

Visual Fault Locator, we can understand its function in the letter. It could be regarded to be part of OTDR and the fiber fault locator is cheap. Fiber visual fault locator is a kind of device which is able to locate the break-point, bending or cracking of the fiber glass. It can also locate the fault of OTDR dead zone and make fiber identification from one end to the other end. Designed with a FC,SC,ST universal adapter, this fiber testing red light is used without any other type of additional adapters, it can locates fault up to 10km in fiber cable. SunmaFiber also supply a new kind of Cable Fault Locator, Fiber laser tester/ fiber laser pen, it can locates fault up to 30km in fiber cable. Contact us at or Live Chat with us. Save your money & time right now! Buy from fiber optic supplies at with your confidence.