SUNMA OP-5000 Fiber Polishing Machine(MPO/ MTP)

The 5000 is the most accurate, technologically advanced polishing machine in the market today. Like all Domaille brand machines, the machine is designed with a rigid fixture system that is far superior to floating fixture systems. Specially designed for complex multi-fiber applications like MPO or


OP-5000 Fiber Polishing Machine(Domaille MPO/ MTP)

The 5000 also has fully programmable pressure and speed ramp rates for slow starting the polishing process. It also has programmable film change counters and maintenance section for alerting operators when to change film or provide service to the machine. If the number of connectors loaded into the polishing fixture is less than the default that has been programmed, the automatic pressure adjustment feature allows the operator to enter the actual number of connectors loaded. The required pressure is then automatically recalculated to ensure that the individual connector force remains constant regardless of the number of connectors assumed in the process definition.

The 5000 also provides the capability to copy and store your processes to a CompactFlash memory card. The CompactFlash card can be used to backup your defined processes and to copy processes from one machine to another. This not only saves process setup time for each machine, but also ensures consistent process settings.


PC-Based Full-Color Touch Screen Programmable Interface for defining and storing unlimited processes and for easy-to-use, error-free operation
CompactFlash Card Technology used for machine-to-machine process replication and process backup
Automatic Pressure Adjustment to account for a varying number of connectors inserted in the polishingfixture
Operator Step-by-Step Prompts for film, pad type, and lubricant
Password Protection of system configuration, process configuration and process transfer modules
Force, Speed, and Time Displays on the touch screen panel for feedback of process step specific settings
Programmable pressure and speed ramp for slow starting polishing cycle
Programmable film change counter
Programmable maintenance section
Pneumatically-Controlled Polishing Pressure provides consistent polishing force regardless of ferrule length
Pivoting Overarm provides easy cleaning of fixtures between steps and quick change of fixtures
Cable Management System routes cables away from the polishing activity
Standard 5" Platen with 8" Option provides flexibility in fixture capacity and polishing film size
Drip Tray swivels in for quick and easy cleaning of fixtures between steps
Robust Design uses the highest-quality materials machined to nano tolerances
Quick-Change Fixtures support all industry standard connector types, both single and multiple fiber
Available in English or Mandarin language