SUNMA OP-2000X CNC Fiber Polishing Machine Fiber Polisher

Without adjusting equipment used SUNMA Polishing fixture, remove the parts and process, the influence of interference can be rolled yield 100%. 2. Touch screen operation, support more than 12 program calls,exchange products only need to select the products on the touch screen,no more


SUNMA OP-2000X Programmable High-Precision Fiber Polishing Machine

* Without connector parts and operation techniques drawbacks, the 3D pass rate of the polisher reaches 100% by use of fixtures of SUNMA.
* 12 sets of programs stored on the polisher, touch screen operated. When using the polisher, you can choose the corresponding program on the touch screen, according to the connectors you are going to polish, no need to adjust the pressure, time, and speed. Simplify the operation process and labor amount, improve the quality and stability at the same time.
* For each program, speed, pressure, time, and polishing pad perimeters are adjustable. The set value and current actual value of relevant parameters are displayed in real time during the polishing process.
* The machine structure is more stable. The pressure range is wider. During the polishing process, no jumping is occurred. It can polish 40pcs of SC connectors smoothly with 100% 3D pass rate.
* Slow start, slow pressurization, gradual increase compensation of polishing time are available. This high level function can ensure polishing quality while save polishing films.
* The main components of the machine adopts famous international brands. Main structure has been tested for 3 years. Structure durability and accuracy constancy last long.

Technical data:
Voltage: AC220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 200W
Weight: 28Kg
Size: 250x230x260mm
Polishing disc dia. 127mm
Polishing driven: Annoy double motors gear driving
Polishing jumping: ±0.005mm
Polishing rotation speed: 0~160RPM Adjustable
Control method: Integrated circuit module + touch buttons

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