ST-1100 Stable DFB Light Sources Multi-wavelength

The 1100 series of Fiber Optic Sources are microproc- essor controlled laser diode sources, capable of providing up to 500 mW of power at user- specified wavelengths includ- ing WDM C-Band and L-Band wavelengths. Designed for component testing, power meter calibration, and general


ST-1100D series of Fiber Optic Sources

The 1100  series  of  Fiber Optic  Sources  are  microproc- essor  controlled  laser  diode sources,  capable  of  providing up to 500 mW of power at user- specified  wavelengths  includ- ing WDM C-Band and L-Band wavelengths.  Designed  for component testing, power meter  calibration,  and  general laboratory  use.  Plus,  each 1100  comes  equipped with a standard RS232 remote interface for easy incorporation into production automated test system or computer controlled laboratory test.


       Provides 1~3 wavelength channels, any wavelength(s) can be optional

   High Stability and Reliability
   Stability: ±0.005 dB@15 min& ±0.05 dB@24 hour
   Accurate internal temperature control ensures the constant
   output wavelength and low bias.

   Output power can be adjustable, the range is among 5%~100%
   based on the maximum output power.
   ST-1100 adopts the digital adjustment of output power, to prevent
   the inconsistency bring from the potentiometers.

   Digital adjustment of laser emitter temperature
   ST-1100 supports the digital adjustment of laser emitter temperature,
   so that the user can do the slight adjustment for the wavelength when in necessary.

   Over temperature protection
   ST-1100 will cut off the laser emitter automatically and stop the work when the
   surrounding temperature over the limitation.

   Auto Fan Control
   ST-1100 can sensor the temperature through the internal transducer, and it will start
   once the temperature over the standard, this can increase the using life of the unit.




Operating Wavelength(nm)


1480,1550, 1625 ect.


1480/1550,980/1550 etc.

1310/1490/1550 or others

Optical Connector

FC/APC(Other type adapters can be cusomized)

-3dB Spectral Width(nm)


-20dB Spectral Width(nm)


Side mode suppression ratio(dB)


Maximum Output Power(mw)

1; 2; 5; 10 (others please specify)

Output power stability in 15 minutes(dB)


Output power stabiltiy in 24 hours(dB)


Digital Internal Modulation


Digital External Modulation


TEC stability

±0.01@15 minutes; ±0.05@ 24 hours

Power Supply

110V or 220V (50Hz~60Hz)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Warm Up Time(hour)




Net Weight(kg)


Remark: All specifications stated here are depend on DFB laser, Specifications like emitter types, central wavelength, output power on demand.





ST-1100 High Stable Light Source, Power Supply Cord, Fuze, Instruction Manul and Cotton swabs.