Data-Pixel DAISI-MT-V3 Auto MPO/MTP Interferometer

DAISI-MT-V3 ,the most fast and accurate MTP/MPO connector interferometer , already become standard interferometer in fiber optic industry , maximum 100 fiber in one scan. New function for 16/32 fiber MTP/MPO connector. Can be used at production facility and site.


Digital Automated Interferometer for Surface Inspection of Multi-Fiber connectors

The DAISI-MT interferometer is the industry reference for MT product measurements, based on the
same design philosophy that made the DAISI a success. Capable of measuring both single fiber and
multi-fiber ferrules. Designed for use in production and field applications.

Key Features
 Combined White-Light and Red-Light phase-shifting interferometer
 Closed-loop high precision 30 microns Z-scan
 Vibration insensitive
 Rapid Auto-Focus
 Automatic calibration of reference mirror
 Supports MT-16 and MT-32
 Measures all types of PC & APC Single & Multi-Fiber connectors
 Low heat LED illumination
 Mega-pixel high resolution camera

Benefits :
 One interferometer for all your needs !
 Up to 100 fibers in a single scan !
 Unique Data-Pixel Rapid-Measure software
 Less than 10 seconds measurement for a 12 fibers ferrule
 Suitable for factory and on-site applications
 Portable
 Simple One-button control
 Single Link Cable (USB2.0)

Parameter Repeatability* / Reproducibility** Range
X & Y angles (°) 0.002 / 0.02 ±1° deviation from 0° (PC) or 8° (APC)
Fiber Height (microns) 0.005 / 0.015 up to 20
Measurement Speed (sec. for a 12 fibers ferrule) 8
AutoFocus speed (sec.) 5
Field of View (mm²) configurable 3.3 x 2.7 max.
Lateral Resolution (microns) configurable 2.5 max.
Wavelength (nm) White & Red (632 nm) LED
Power requirements 12V 25VA